About Us

Corporate Overview

Hi-P established its industrial roots as an insert molding and metal forming tool maker founded in 1980. In 1983, current Executive Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Yao Hsiao Tung acquired management of company. After the worldwide recessions of the mid 80's, Hi-P's success flourished with the expansion of overseas manufacturing facilities in 1993. Robust growth throughout the next 10 years, Hi-P is now known as one of the many defining moments, a listing on SGX, the Singapore stock exchange.

Today, as a leading contract manufacturing provider, Hi-P maintains a clear focus in contributing to our clients' competitive advantage by developing and providing manufacturing solutions of exceptional value.

An efficient, continuous work flow, utilizing the latest in technology and waste-free operations are the hallmark of the company. Coupled with its solid relationships with clients, these elements have provided the economic support to allow Hi-P to grow as a business that lives by its core values of integrity and finding the best possible solutions for our customers.

Execution Foundation

A strong Execution Foundation has been the cornerstone of the successful implementation of our corporate strategy over the years. At Hi-P, we are performance driven and yet, people-centred. Our people seek continuous improvement in all areas so as to maximize results. The principles of our execution foundation are applied consistently throughout all functional areas, from Finance, HR, Supply Chain, Quality, IT, to Business Development and Operations. The key areas of execution are:

Our VisionRecognized leader as an integrated electro-mechanical solution provider focusing on value creation and
exceeding customer expectations through innovation

Our MissionPartner with customers to add value and contribute to mutual success

Strong Organisation StructureAttracting, Retaining and Nurturing the best talents available

Effective Systems and ProceduresMaximize Productivity across the company

Effective Motivation MechanismEnforce a Transparent System that recognizes and rewards employees

Hi-P CulturePillars of Hi-P Culture: Results-oriented and People-oriented

Main Guiding SpiritContribution and Ownership

Core Behavioral PrinciplesGood Manners, Positive Spirit, Integrity, Discipline, Humility and Maturity

Execution DisciplinePunctuality, Commitment fulfillment, Focus and strict compliance, Follow-up thoroughly

History and Milestone

1980 Incorporation in Singapore
Hi-P Tool & Die

1983 Mr. Yao invested and managed the company

1987 Molex invested and became its customer

1993 First overseas expansion,
Hi-P Shanghai Electronics

1995 Revenue crossed US$10mil

1997 Hi-P Mexico, first in N.America
Changed name to Hi-P Singapore

1998 Hi-P Precision Chengdu

2000 Renamed Hi-P International
Hi-P Camera Products
Hi-P Spray Painting

2001 Hi-P Xiamen
Hi-P Mold Base Chengdu
Haier Hi-P JV Qingdao

2002 Hi-P Industries
Hi-P Tianjin

2003 IPO on Singapore Stock Exchange
Hi-P Suzhou Tech
Hi-P Suzhou Electronics

2004 Hi-P Shanghai Optical Lens

2005 Hi-P Poland, first in Europe
Hi-P Thailand
Hi-P Shanghai Tech

2006 Hi-P Dongguan

2009 Hi-P acquires G-Flex

2011 Acquired Motorola Singapore Design Center

2014 Hi-P Nantong
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