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Thank you for visiting our website. Hi-P is committed to corporate transparency and fair disclosure, so we are putting as much information as we can here so everybody gets equal access. We hope you find it useful in making your investment decision.

Hi-P has come a long way since its inception in 1980. Back then, this company was a loss-making mold manufacturer called Hi-P Tool & Die. I saw its potential and invested my S$50,000 savings in it. In 1983, I became actively involved in managing Hi-P but before we could make any headway, we were hit by the worldwide recession in 1985/86.

Those were difficult times but by 1987, Singapore’s economy was back on track. That year Hi-P formed a joint venture with Molex to supply the US multinational with electronic connectors. That was my big break! Soon, Hi-P secured another major client, a leading US hard disk drive maker which is still a major customer for us today. By 1993, China was opening its doors to foreign investment and we were among the first from Singapore with our overseas manufacturing facility located in Shanghai. Today, our China presence is one of the most extensive among Singapore-listed companies.

We grew strongly over the next 10 years and in 2003, Hi-P International Limited was listed on the SGX. That was one of the proudest moments for Hi-P and me personally. Today, we are a vertically-integrated turnkey contract manufacturer serving some of the biggest names in the telecommunications, consumer electronics, and data storage, medical and automotive industries. Our mission is "Going global, adding value to customers through quality and technology" which we accomplish using our core competencies in product design and process development. We also continuously re-invest our profits to expand our technical capabilities and fully develop our human resources.

From time to time, we believe in consolidating our resources to overcome challenges to enable the company to scale greater peaks. This spirit of perseverance is part of our Execution Foundation, our philosophy of work which is the cornerstone of Hi-P’s success over the years. At Hi-P, we are performance driven and yet people centered. Our people seek continuous improvement in all areas so as to maximize results. The principles of our Execution Foundation are applied consistently throughout all functional areas and emphasize strong organizational structure, effective systems and procedures, an effective motivational mechanism and Hi-P’s culture of mutual respect, team spirit, integrity and discipline.

The ethical standards, good work attitude, pleasant personality and strong self-discipline of Hi-P’s people reflect well on the image of the company. It is in the true spirit of Hi-P’s culture that all employees contribute to themselves, their families, the company and society.

Yao Hsiao Tung
Executive Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

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