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At Hi-P, we strive to ensure we act responsibly toward the environment, employees and communities, we believe these values make Hi-P a better global citizen and a more sustainable company in manufacturing industry. We believe that a sustainable approach to business is essential and therefore, it forms a core part of the way in which we do business. We identify our Corporate Social Responsibility in three cornerstones—People, Environment, and community partnership—form the foundation of innovative and proactive solutions that allow Hi-P to continually improve our corporate citizenship and workplace performance. 


Hi-P is committed to ensuring employees are provided with a safe workplace where they are treated fairly, with dignity and respect. We invest in making the lives of our people better, including valuable training programs to educate and empower our employees, recruit and integrate people with physical disabilities and provide open communication environment between workers and management. We cultivate a culture of treating each other with respect. We also reward employees fairly for their contributions.


Hi-P is fully aware of the increased environmental consciousness within the manufacturing industry. We strive for manufacturing techniques which allow our facilities to be responsible corporate citizens without compromising business needs and development opportunities. We have adopted environmentally sound systems throughout our company that eliminate waste and emissions while maximizing efficiency. Today, more than ever, manufacturers are under intense pressure to reduce energy consumption. Hi-P embraces this challenge and welcomes its role as a leader in environmental responsibility.


Hi-P strives to give back to society through engaging the communities we operate in and helping them to overcome challenges. We proactively promote charitable giving, hiring of physically challenged employees, providing educational partnerships and support to our employees in their volunteering & community programmes.

Hi-P Sustainability Report

Hi-P FY2020 Sustainability Report.pdf                                                                                       

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