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Have the perseverance to overcome all difficulties


First of all, I think the helm of the company must have a strong ambition, have an indomitable, overcome all difficulties of perseverance, must make the company bigger. I came to Singapore from Taiwan, and I am very happy to develop in this place. During this process, I have experienced many difficulties, and now I am 77 years old, I still have a strong ambition. We can recklessly start a business, but we need to have a brave and standing spirit to develop enterprises. Second, the leader of the company should be able to see the strengths of the company, evaluate the situation to find the development opportunities of the company, and efficiently achieve the goals and make the opportunities come true. When I saw that the Singapore government attracted many multinational companies to come here, I found the goal, to develop in the mold, to support these companies, and gradually implement. I worked in Singapore in the early days, and in 1983 the salary was already five or six thousand dollars, which was very high at that time. But I saw that many companies needed industrial support, such as Philips and General Electric, so I decided to go into tooling.

Later, I saw the needs of hard disk companies such as Seagate, so I could develop precision plastic injection molding technology. After the opening of the Chinese mainland, I saw that the companies going to the mainland needed various aspects of technology and supporting support, so I set up factories in the mainland to support them. Once the company grew to a certain size, I went to the United States, Europe and Asia to establish the existing business network. Third, we should be able to formulate the strategies and objectives of each functional unit according to the company's policy and set goals, and set the goals as the performance standard and as the basis for assessment. Only when each unit is functioning can the company's effectiveness be maximized. Companies also need to establish a complete corporate culture, policies and systems to support long-term development. If we want to grow our business by 20% per year, the company must reflect the flow of talent and capital in the long-term development plan. It is also important to link performance to pay to inspire individuals to create value for the company.

In short, I also hope to create more miracles.

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